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Sex addiction, porn & sexual behaviour treatment.

Sex addiction, porn & sexual behaviour treatment recovery for addicts.

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  • Updated on: Aug 25, 2020
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Sex addiction, porn & sexual behaviour treatment.

Former sex and porn addicts have developed this application so they can help you recover from your addiction.

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It contains information regarding the cause of the addiction, but also provides you will solutions, treatments and detailed information.

Many addicts are unable to stop despite the negative results.

Addicts suffer divorce and damaged relationships with their children. Additional damage is also caused their professional lives and finances.

Despite consequences, many addicts experience escalating patterns of sexual behavior, despite increasing negative consequences for yourself and others.

The high that you feel from sex occupies your mind constantly. Your, always are looking for your next chance to feel that pleasure. Examples include persons who watch pornography at work despite warnings that they will lose their jobs.

This preoccupation with sex leaves less room in your life for healthy relationships and other interests.

Anyone can have a sex addiction, no matter his/her gender, sexuality, or relationship status.

The following signs indicate a possible sex addiction:
• Always looking for extramarital affairs.
• Using sex to escape from loneliness, depression, anxiety or stress
• Thinking about sex to the exclusion of other interests and occupations
• Using pornography every day.
• Often masturbating in inappropriate situations like work.
• Visiting strip clubs often.
• Seeking sex workers.
• Sexually harassing people.
• Engaging in unprotected sex that could lead to sexually transmitted diseases (STD)s.

download the app today, and start you recovery.

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