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PrivadoVPN - Fast & Secure VPN

PrivadoVPN is a Zero-Log VPN with the fastest, most secure service.

  • Version: 2.4.144325203(144325203)
  • Updated on: Nov 16, 2021
  • Download size: 40.27MB
  • 100,000+ downloads
PrivadoVPN - Fast & Secure VPN

PrivadoVPN is the ad-free, fast, and secure free VPN you can trust. One click and you're safely and anonymously browsing the Internet.

PrivadoVPN is a true zero log VPN; it never keeps records of your online activity and never slows your speeds.

All your data is encrypted by the PrivadoVPN app and sent through a secure tunnel so third parties can’t spy on you. Unlike proxy servers, we use the most trusted encryption protocols so you are safe, even when using public Wi-Fi.

Unlike other free VPNs, we own a lot of our data centers and even the fiber lines to give you the best possible speed and security.

Why PrivadoVPN

✓ Bypass Geo-Restrictions: Stream regionally restricted content from anywhere on Earth.

✓ A Free VPN: Sign up for PrivadoVPN Free and get 10 GB of data with unlimited speeds every month; for unlimited data and more servers to choose from, try PrivadoVPN Premium.

✓ High Quality Data Protection: At home or on the go, keep your data encrypted, your online location hidden, and your connection secure.

✓ Multi Device Support: You can secure up to 10 devices on PrivadoVPN with one account. Twice as many as other VPNs!

✓ Privacy is a Human Right: Don’t let hackers, governments, or your own ISP see what you do online. That’s your business, not theirs.

✓ Global Server Network: Pick from any of our hundreds of global servers in 45 countries and 58 cities.

✓ No Log VPN: We don’t track or keep records of any of your online activity.

✓ Swiss Law: PrivadoVPN users are protected by the best consumer protection laws in the world.

✓ SOCKS5 Proxy: Speed up your P2P transfers and stay anonymous behind an untraceable IP address.

How to get started with PriavdoVPN

It’s easy and FREE!

1. Download PrivadoVPN for Free for Android
2. Click “Create Account” and enter your email
3. Verify your email address and log in

How PrivadoVPN Works

Every device connected to the Internet is given a unique number called an “IP address” that identifies the device & its location, then opens it to transmit data. IP addresses also tell other computers all sorts of things about you.

PrivadoVPN protects you in two ways.

1. Every bit of information transmitted online through PrivadoVPN is encrypted and sent through a secure tunnel from the origin to its destination.

2. Connecting to PrivadoVPN replaces your IP address with an IP address shared by hundreds of other devices , hiding your actual location and any identifying data about you.

Whether you sign up for PrivadoVPN Free or Premium, you’ll still have the same world-class protection.

Why is PrivadoVPN Different from Other Free VPNs?

Many free VPNs are capturing your data so they can then sell that data to third parties. Don’t give dishonest VPNs exclusive rights to sell your data to the highest bidder.

PrivadoVPN will not sell your data to third parties. Ever. As a no-log VPN, we don’t keep records of your activity at all. You never have to worry about the security of your Internet activity when you’re using PrivadoVPN.

Many other free VPNs are actually just “vpn free trials.” You may get service for a couple of weeks, but then they expect you to pay. Several even ask for payment information for their “free” service, hoping you’ll forget to cancel.

PrivadoVPN does have a paid service, but our free service is exactly that: free. We don’t require you to pay for a premium account, but if you do, there are a lot more features available. You can keep your PrivadoVPN Free account forever. We will never ask you for payment. Free, Fast, Secure: that’s PrivadoVPN’s promise.

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