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World War 4 - Endgames

Text-Based Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing War Game

  • Version: 1.0.1(11)
  • Updated on: Oct 6, 2021
  • Download size: 102.19MB
  • 10,000+ downloads
World War 4 - Endgames

World War 4 - Endgames is a text-based Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing War Game where you play as a survivor of a dystopian world following an aftermath of World War 3.

It's year 2030. World War 3 has just ended, causing devastating effects to the world.

With the New World Order in place, many countries have been destroyed, many united to form powerful single unified government.

All European countries merged together to form United Europe whereas all remnant middle eastern countries joined together to form a new country - United Middle East.

Only eight superpower remain – USA, UK, United Europe, United Middle East, China, India, Japan, and Russia – still fighting for a single unified government.

The aftermath of World War 3 has made humanity at the brink of extinction, and you are one of the survivors.

Choose among the remaining 8 countries and be prepared for the final fight of World War IV for total world domination!

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About Developer
What's New!

. Bug Fixes
. System Performance Optimized
. Dooms Day Gameplay Introduced
. Multi-Server Introduced

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