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ぷよぷよ!!クエスト -簡単操作で大連鎖。爽快 パズル!ぷよっと楽しい パズルゲーム

"Puyo Puyo !! Quest" is a puzzle RPG that the series is fun with simple operations. Challenge quests, guild with friends and aim for the strongest sorcerer!

  • Version: 9.9.0(9900)
  • Updated on: Aug 24, 2021
  • Download size: 257.97MB
  • 5,000,000+ downloads
ぷよぷよ!!クエスト -簡単操作で大連鎖。爽快 パズル!ぷよっと楽しい パズルゲーム

[Game introduction]
"Puyo Puyo !! Quest" is erased by tracing
It is a "puzzle RPG" that is easy to operate and enjoys a large chain.
Challenge quests or form a guild with your friends
You can enjoy it together.
Aim for the strongest mage!

● Basic rules
Let's erase Puyo on the field with a touch.
A chain occurs when four Puyos that have fallen into an empty space are connected in the same color!
Characters of the same color as the chained Puyo will come out.
Keeping the basic rules of Puyo Puyo
Anyone can easily enjoy the big chain with touch operation!

● Consecutive battles in quests
As you explore the world with quests, you will battle various characters.
When you erase Puyo, your fellow characters will attack the opponent team!
Let's form a big chain and beat the opponent team!
If you win the opponent team, you will proceed to the next battle.

● Form your own team!
From time to time, you'll get a character card from the quest.
Combine your favorite character cards to create your own original
Let's make a team! Character cards that can be used
Besides quests, you can also get gacha!

● Card development
You can power up the cards by synthesizing them,
You can evolve it into a stronger card! To evolve the card
I need a card that is a determined material ...

● Make a guild with your friends and play!
There are many good things to do when you create a guild and play with your friends!
Guild members support each other's quests, and everyone
There is no doubt that it will be exciting to beat the boss!
When you build a guild tower, everyone in the guild will power up.
Use it to easily capture the quest!

● Lots of elements to play with!
Collaborate with guild members to defeat mighty bosses
There are plenty of elements to play with, such as raising characters and harvesting Puyo vegetables (growth items)!

● Abundant collaboration campaigns!
We will hold a collaboration project with various animations, games, and characters for a limited time!
Spin limited gachas, participate in events and get gorgeous prizes such as collaboration characters and items!

● "Puyo Puyo" is recommended for people like this!
・ Those who were addicted to "Puyo Puyo" when they were children
・ Those who like puzzle games
・ Those who like falling game puzzles
・ Those who like to cooperate with friends to clear quests
・ Those who like training games that strengthen characters
・ Those who like puzzle RPGs with RPG elements as well as puzzles
・ Those who were looking for a puzzle game that can be played for free
・ Those who are looking for a puzzle game that can be enjoyed in a chain with simple operations
・ Those who like erasing games that connect and erase the same patterns
・ Those who like games such as Tetris where blocks fall from above (falling games)
・ Those who like the feeling of excitement when drawing gacha
・ Those who have been good at dice since they were small
・ Those who want to play puzzle games to kill time
・ Those who want to draw a gacha once a day for free
・ Those who want to play an erasing game with their friends
・ Those who are confident in puzzle games
・ Those who want to make a quick trip during travel time
・ Those who want to play puzzle RPGs with replay elements
・ Those who have been addicted to erasing games and falling games
・ Those who like playing by tracing with their fingers
・ Those who want to defeat powerful enemies in multiplayer and cooperative play
・ Those who want to decide on a big chain and feel refreshed
・ Those who are looking for a free and interesting popular game that even children can play

App body: Free
* Some paid items are available.
[About compatible models]
We plan to gradually expand the number of compatible models so that more customers can enjoy it.
We are sorry for customers who cannot download to the model they currently have.
Please wait for a while.

[FAQ / Inquiries]
If you have any questions about "Puyo Puyo !! Quest", please check the FAQ.
If you find any problems or inconveniences during gameplay, please contact us by contacting us.

● FAQ / Inquiries

【Official site】
Check the latest information and event information on the official website!
Lots of interesting content such as Twitter icons and 4-panel comics!


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・ Instagram


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