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Luck Analyzer (No ads)

Do you believe in luck? Find out how lucky you are going to be today!

  • Version: 0.01(3)
  • Updated on: Jun 22, 2021
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Luck Analyzer (No ads)

Luck has always been something that is never in our control, yet determined by choices that we make.

Even though luck is perceived to be out of randomness, these randomness can be patterned such that many times future bad luck or good luck can be foresighted based on how the day/event/moment is progressing.

Luck Analyzer gives user a set of random Tarot Cards to choose from, scores the choices that you have made based on preset factors (0 to 200), uses these patterns of randomness, and finally ranks your Today's Luck.

Find out how lucky you are going to be today and be amazed how the luck meter really works in your daily life!

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