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PhotoGuard Photo Vault: Hide Photos Keep Safe Lock

Best Photo Vault to Hide your Private Photos & Videos. Keep your Photos Safe.

  • Version: 2.9.4(116)
  • Updated on: Aug 8, 2022
  • Download size: 7.71MB
  • 100,000+ downloads
PhotoGuard Photo Vault: Hide Photos Keep Safe Lock

Keep your personal photos and videos safe in our private photo vault.
We put security and privacy at the highest standards, along with a great UI/UX design.

PhotoGuard Photo Locker secures your secret photos and videos by locking them with a Password, Pattern, PIN or fingerprint, using Military Grade Encryption AES-256 bit.

PhotoGuard's architecture was developed with the help of data security consultants experts to make sure that nobody, including our team, will be able to access your private photo locker without knowing your pass phrase, even if your device is stolen!

Your hidden photos and videos are locked and encrypted solely in your device and will not be uploaded to any server.

★ What's inside: ★

🔐 Everything behind a lock - Your personal photos and videos are hidden using a PIN, Pattern, Password or your Fingerprint so they will keep safe.

📷 On the fly encryption camera - PhotoGuard has a secret camera that hides the secret photos you take directly to your hidden photo vault.

🗂 Album Lock - Set passwords to each of your private albums for extra protection to your personal photo safe!

👀 Quick Exit - PhotoGuard exits the PhotoVault automatically whenever pressing home button, making sure that no one will be able to watch the secret photo vault contents.

💾 Automatic backup & restore to your vault - If you uninstall the app by mistake, your photo safe will be restored.

☁ Private Cloud - Auto Backup & Sync your personal photos and videos to our Private Cloud service with unlimited space. Access from any device with PhotoGuard on it.

🕵️ Break-In Alerts - Keep safe your private photo vault from intruders with Break-In Alerts. Whenever someone fails to unlock PhotoGuard, we log the time of the incident and snap a secret photo of the intruder.

🚪Fake Vault - A decoy PhotoGuard vault that opens with a separate PIN.

About Developer
What's New!

- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- New camera architecture.
- New photo editing in within the app!
- Saving app state when coming back from background.
- Fake Vault: Create a separate PIN that opens a decoy PhotoGuard vault.
- New Vault Recovery feature.
- Break-In Alerts: Protect your vault from intruders, see who tried to unlock your vault.

Please contact us via for any issue, feedback or a request!

This app contains more than one .apk file you are advised to try with 4.4 first if device not compatible error shown try .apks installation method.

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