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شرح الجزرية بدون نت دايمن سويد

Follow with us the provisions of intonation in an easy way, explaining the Al-Jazirah regime, Dr. Ayman Sweid, without the net 2022

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  • Updated on: Mar 17, 2022
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شرح الجزرية بدون نت دايمن سويد

Explanation of the Al-Jazari introduction system by Dr. Ayman Sweid without the net 2022Explanation of Al-Jazari Dr. Ayman Sweid

We offer you the greatest effort in explaining the verses of the island system in what the reader of the Qur’an must teach him from the systems in front of the preservation and the argument of the readers Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Ali Al-Jazari, may God have mercy on him, delivered to your ears by Dr.

Ayman Suwaid .. The icon of the Arabs in reciting and reciting the Qur’an

A scholar in the ten readings, and a doctor in intonation and its rules, he grew up in a religious family, and a home that is not free from the remembrance of God and the recitation of its verses. He moved between the hands of prominent sheikhs and readers, to settle in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he has resided since the year 1400 AH. This is related to the Syrian Islamic preacher, Dr. Ayman Rushdi Suwaid, who was born in Damascus in the year 1374 AH, 1955 AD.

Application features:-
It contains all the lessons of the island system
Works without an internet connection
Works on all devices
high sound quality
Easy to use and share the app
Eye comfort design
Songs are constantly updated

We hope that we have succeeded in presenting this program for the benefit of people in spreading goodness.

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