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حسام الدين عبادي بدون نت قران

Refresh your soul, the most beautiful recitations of the reciter Hossam Abadi, who melts hearts with his voice without Internet 2022

  • Version: 1.0(1)
  • Updated on: Mar 9, 2022
  • Download size: 61.11MB
  • 500+ downloads
حسام الدين عبادي بدون نت قران

In this application, you listen to the most beautiful recitations of the reciter Hossam Al-Din Abadi in humbled recitations that relieve all of its listeners from the worries of the world and what is in it.
All the recitations of Sheikh Hossam Abadi recorded for him until the limits of the present time, with supplications, the prayer of travel, you need at all times, because without praying istikharah when choosing anything such as marriage, it includes Surat Al-Kahf, which has great merit on Friday and Surat Yasin, along with the most complete Surahs that are available from the verses. The seal of the French, and we have endeavored to present this application and have facilitated it carefully in the use, sound and size suitable for us to gain together the reward and reward and exchange it with all people so that God may accept from us and you the good deeds.

Application features
• A comprehensive application for everything one needs, Quran supplications, daily remembrances, a legal paper
• Works without the net
• Elegant and user-friendly design
• You can move automatically, randomly, or repeat to memorize the surah
• You can listen to the surahs of the Qur'an with the background and use your other applications
• Small in size and does not take up much space in the device

The application is constantly updated when any new recitations are issued
We hope that we have succeeded in presenting this program for the benefit of people in spreading goodness.

About Developer
What's New!

• تطبيق شامل لكل مايحتاجه المرء قران ادعيه اذكار اليوميه رقيه شرعيه
• يعمل بدون نت
• تصميم أنيق و سهل الإستعمال
• يمكنك الإنتقال تلقائياً اوعشوائياو التكرارلحفظ السور
• يمكنك إستماع سور القران مع الخلفية وإستعمال تطبيقاتك الأخرى
• صغير الحجم ولا يأخذ مكان كبير في الجهاز.

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