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جزء عم بالنورانيه بدون نت 2022

Follow with us the second phase of Al-Qaida Al-Nooraniah in teaching the surah Juz Amma without Net 2022

  • Version: 1.0(1)
  • Updated on: Mar 1, 2022
  • Download size: 32.80MB
  • 1,000+ downloads
جزء عم بالنورانيه بدون نت 2022

Spelling Juz Amma in Al-Qaida Al-Nooraniah 2022, the second part without the Internet, after mastering the previous course in pronouncing the letters of the alphabet, words, movements and tanween, learning the classical Arabic language, the language of the Qur’an, as God revealed it to our Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. Muhammad Haqqani, approved in all Islamic countries, is an effective and proven method for all Arab and non-Arab trainers and trainees.

This application is completely free and small in size and does not require a connection after downloading it. It contains lessons for mastering the Arabic language and reciting the Qur’an with the provisions of intonation and the exit of the letter and the word from its correct exit through memorization, listening and repetition. In the proper pronunciation of the verses, he will never forget them.

Dear God, God testifies that we have striven to raise this application to the face of God Almighty.

Program Advantages
It includes the gradual application of the Nooraniah Al-Fa'idah to be able to recite and memorize the Qur'an
• Works without the net
• Elegant and user-friendly design
Works in all cases of background playback, automatic, random and repetition
• Small in size and does not take up much space in the device

Privacy Policy:

We hope that we have succeeded in presenting this program to benefit people in spreading goodness, so do not deprive others of benefiting from it, so that God will write to us and you the reward.

About Developer
What's New!

•يشمل التطبيق المتدرج للفاعده النورانيه لتمكن من تلاوه وحفظ القران
• يعمل بدون نت
• تصميم أنيق و سهل الإستعمال
•يعمل في جميع حلات التشغيل الخلفيه واتلقائي والعشوائي والتكرار
• صغير الحجم ولا يأخذ مكان كبير في الجهاز

This app contains more than one .apk file you are advised to try with 4.4 first if device not compatible error shown try .apks installation method.

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