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Scared Scary Teacher Chapter 3

Prank The Evil Scary Scared Teacher in this Hyper School Life 3d Game

  • Version: 1.3(6)
  • Updated on: Mar 31, 2021
  • Download size: 60.59MB
  • 10,000+ downloads
Scared Scary Teacher Chapter 3

The story is about a naughty boy and Hyper school Principal and teacher in scary scared teacher chapter 3. New Scary Teacher have been teasing kids in Hyper school but now it’s time for you naughty kids to prank the crazy teacher in this hyper casual game. So find the best revenge of school education and learning? It’s time to prank the scary crazy teacher by performing numerous pranks and teasing her so her fun is ruined like not in any other scary teacher game. You must finish these tasks without getting caught and within assigned time limit in Hyper School Life Scary Scared Teacher Simulator.

Teacher comes to The Hyper school for teasing kids, School consists of different areas and each area has some items you can use to prank the crazy teacher in scary teacher game. In hyper casual games You will use fire crackers, air horns, pliers, glue, salt, electricity and paint balloons to prank the teachers life a living hell like they have made yours in school education and learning! But you better not get caught by these teachers in spooky games because if you get caught then they are surely going to punish you as this is not the time of education and learning, but this is punishment time in Hyper School Life Scary Scared Teacher Simulator.

Now You are outside the scary scared teacher house, Find the key to her house and open the main door.Complete the task in limited time otherwise hyper casual Scary teacher will wake up and catch you. Find the Pin in crazy teacher house while stay safe from scary scared teacher as she is wandering around and place the pin on sofa so that teacher will suffer. find the matchbox to teacher bedroom and then go to the scary crazy teacher bedroom and place burn all her clothes from the closets in Hyper School Life Scary Scared Teacher Simulator. Go to teachers bedroom, find her laptop and put virus in it, you are standing in the garden, find the mouse trap and then place the mouse trap in grass so that scary crazy teacher will caught in the trap. Now Go to the Living room break the electricity wires from the LCD and place on sofa and then turn on the switch, Find a slippy liquid , and then put it on the floor, scary crazy teacher walks over it and falls. Go to the kitchen and find the salt and then mix it on the cake and then go to Study room find the papers of scary crazy teacher and then fire up all the notes in Hyper School Life Scary Scared Teacher Simulator.

So, what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW! And play Hyper School : Scary Scared Teacher Simulator to prank the crazy teacher and get revenge.

Hyper School : Scary Scared Teacher Simulator Features:

• Easy and smooth Controls.
• Realistic Hyper school environment
• High-quality Scary Crazy Teacher
• Stunning 3D graphics.
• Addictive Gameplay

Let’s see how if u have what it takes to do live as car mechanic in “Hyper School : Scary Scared Teacher Simulator”: Enjoy the most anticipated Scary Scared Teacher Game of 2020!

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