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Granth Granth
Version: 1.2(4)
Updated on: 26-May-2016
Download size: 8.59MB
Offered by: RudramSoft
Downloads: 5,000+ downloads
Description: App have many Avahan and Hom slocks and Mantras for the Havan in Sanskrit and all yagyadi karma details for Karmakand, Havans.

This application is basically usefull for the Person who are interested to learn Slocks & Mantras.
- Application contains all Mantras in Sankrit Language.
- Easy way read all Avahan and Hom Slocks and Mantras in sanskrit language.
- Free and Offline application so No Internet required.
- Attractive graphic design.

This app is widely useful for Karmakandi brahmin and the persons interested in sanskrit language.
Bhudev can use this app for his daily hom pooja, karmakand purpose, Havans, Gruh Shanti and all other karma or religious events.

Included Avahans are:

1. Matruka Avahan
2. Gruh-Vastu Avahan
3. Mandap-Vastu Avahan
4. Kshetrapal Avahan
5. Suryadi Grah Avahan
6. Vastu Rekhakaran Devta Avahan
7. Sarvatro Bhadra Mandal Devta Avahan

Included Homs are:
1. Suryadi Grah Hom
2. Gruh-Vastu Mandal Hom
3. Mandap Vastu Mandal Hom
4. Kshetrapal hom
5. Sarvatro Bhadra Mandal Devta Hom

Included Rajopchar Puja are:
1. Devi Prarthna Puja
2. Dhyanam Puja
3. Avahanam Puja
4. Mulam Puja
5. Asanam Puja
6. Padhyam Puja
7. Arghyam Puja
8. Achmaniam Puja
9. Madhuparkam Puja
10. Puyah Snanam Puja
11. Dadhi Snanam Puja
12. Dhrut Snanam Puja
13. Madhur Snanam Puja
14. Sarkara Snanam Puja
15. Sugandhitel Snanam Puja
16. Udhvartan Snanam Puja
17. Snanam

And Many Other...
What's New!
- Added Rajopchar Puja Sangrah
Rating: 4.6/5 150

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