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Intelligent Matching Game with Cats!

  • Version: 1.0.4(18)
  • Updated on: Mar 24, 2020
  • Download size: 11.34MB
  • 10,000+ downloads

Are you looking for something new in a match 3 game? Well look no further! IntelliCats brings you a world of new, exciting, and varied matching gameplay to sink your teeth into!

In each level you will be doing something different - matching and moving the cats in different ways in order to light up the board before you run out of moves. Match groups of 2 cats, 3 cats, 4 cats. Match them in lines, in triangles, on ramps, in a wheel. Swap them, rotate them, jump them, tap them. Each level asks you to envision a new world with new possibilities!

Earn purrs with good moves, and then spend the purrs on cat tricks such as Cat Nip, Scramble, Leap, and Illuminate. Wait, did you read that right? Earn purrs with good moves? Not with real world money? Yes! In IntelliCats you use your intelligence and skillz to beat the game. Keep your dollars where they belong. In your pocket!

So what are you waiting for? The IntelliCats need your help. Oh, did we forget to mention the plot? Yeah, so there's this elite intelligence agency known under the code name Team: IntelliCats. Each cat has been specially recruited to tackle some of the world's most pressing problems. And they do this by... putting similar cats next to each other in order to disappear and light up the board. It's hard to explain, really. You just need to experience it! Experience IntelliCats today!

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* All new! Thanks to all of the beta testers!

This app contains more than one .apk file you are advised to try with 4.4 first if device not compatible error shown try .apks installation method.

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