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Defeat the newly added World Boss!

  • Version: 10.040(100400)
  • Updated on: Nov 16, 2021
  • Download size: 130.22MB
  • 10,000,000+ downloads
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"Isn't it too late to start over?"

If you have memories of taming monsters, it's never too late!
Do you miss the time you had an adventure with Mina?
Would you like to meet new characters?
Join Mongil again!

Cheonnigil from one step!
Acquire and grow monsters through adventure!
Get legendary equipment and a dimensionstone that allows you to enter the space-time rift!

▶Day Dungeon
3 times a day every day! Clear the day of the week dungeon.
You can transcend monsters by collecting transcendence feathers!
Create an even stronger transcendental character!

▶ Cracks in construction
Enter the space-time rift with the dimension stone obtained from the adventure!
Get the strongest [Unique Equipment] to make your transcendental character even stronger!

▶ Real-time guild occupation war
1vs1? 3vs3? How much 50vs50! Join the real-time guild occupation battle!
If you become one with the guild members, victory is yours!

Everything in the RPG you want!
Check it out at Taming Monsters!

* Monster Taming Official Community
-Official Cafe:
-This game can be used with a KakaoTalk account.
(How to check my Kakao account: Kakao Talk> More> Kakao Account)

※ Do not leave KakaoTalk while using the game.
There is no separate account in the game for Taming Monsters, and the game service is provided by linking the KakaoTalk account. Therefore, if you withdraw from the KakaoTalk account linked to Monster Taming, all game data can be initialized. Please choose carefully to withdraw from KakaoTalk.

※ When purchasing paid items, a separate fee will be charged.

■ Product information and terms of use ■
-Supplier: Netmarble Co., Ltd. Representative Executive Officer: Kwon Young-sik, Lee Seung-won
-Terms of use and period: According to the content separately notified in the game
(If the period of use is not indicated, the period until the end of the service is regarded as the period of use)
-Payment amount and method: According to the payment amount and payment method separately notified for each product
(For foreign currency payments, it may be different from the actual billed amount due to exchange rates and fees)
-Product payment method: Immediately paid with the ID (character) purchased in the game
-Minimum specification: CPU dual core 1.2GHz, Ram 1GB
-Customer Center: 1588-3995 (Available for consultation from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays)
-Business email:
-Address: G-Tower Netmarble, 38 Digital-ro 26-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul
-Business number: 105-87-64746
-Mail-order business number: 2014-Seoul Guro-1028
-Privacy Policy:
-Service Operation Policy:

* You can play smoothly on tablet devices.

[Access Permission Information]
▶ Required access rights
Storage space
-Used for ‘installing or updating programs’.

▶ Selective access rights
Microphone audio function
-Used for'voice chat' in some modes.
* You can use the service even if you do not agree to the access rights.

▶ How to revoke access rights
-Operating system 6.0 or higher: Settings> Application Manager> Select app> Permissions> Can revoke access rights
-Operating system under 6.0: Since it is impossible to revoke access rights, it can be revoked by deleting the app.

About Developer
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■■■v10.04 업데이트 안내■■■

1. 스피릿시스템 추가
2. 월드보스 추가
3. 캐릭터 밸런스 조정
4. 영혼석 개편
5. 신규 포식자 장비 추가
6. 길드 코스튬 추가
7. 신규 이벤트 추가

This app contains more than one .apk file you are advised to try with 4.4 first if device not compatible error shown try .apks installation method.

Select android version
Select CPU Architecture

arm64-v8a - will work ONLY on devices that has arm64-v8a cpu
x86 - will work only on emulators like bluestacks, memu
armeabi-v7a - will work on ALL devices