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Call of Fire Fps Shooting Game

Battle royale fps shooting games. Fight for survival in battleground

  • Version: 1.1.3(3)
  • Updated on: Jul 28, 2020
  • Download size: 70.37MB
  • 1,000,000+ downloads
Call of Fire Fps Shooting Game

Play Call of gun fire duty game and fight with help of unknown legends in unknown battlegrounds. In this real war game find safe area on the battleground for your survival. This game is all about ultimate survival of counter strike sniper in best shooter missions with thrilling action available on mobile for free.

In modern shooting war become elite killer in unknown fire battleground arena. Exciting strike missions allow fps players to fight terrorists across the world in real 3d environment. Use strategy of a trained military commando or secret tactics used by elite special force to protect your squad members across battlefields of historical importance.

Become a battle royale hero by following rules of shooting & survival

Chose your starting point where you land with your parachute

Where you land on battleground will affect the result of this warfare

Explore the vast map to your advantage by using different tactics

Hide in trenches to ambush, snipe using sniper rifle, all of these are strategies for survival and will help you in becoming the last fps survivor standing

Aim to stay in the safe zone: eliminate your rivals, loot enemy soldiers for more modern weapons

It is time for fps modern shooter to become top combat commando in shooting adventure in one of the best gun games with action packed missions.

Get ready to do your duty as an elite commando to lead your fire special force squad to victory on frontlines of realistic warfare environment. So start survival battle royal world war strike use modern weapons in this Unknown battleground free war game.

Show your fury on enemy soldiers, terrorist and mafia by joining anti-terrorist team and counter every strike. In this game take any type of guns from arsenal prepare yourself in this encounter mission. Use different gear like silencers, different scopes and take cleanest shots for victory.

This fast-paced lite gameplay is most suitable for mobile devices but is really challenging. It will test your survival skills as a fps player within 10 minutes, so emerge as a new survivor.

Use different military weapons like rifles, mp5 or even machine guns in free shooting missions do cross fire surgical strike against counter terrorist duty of sniper war. You only have two choices: do or die in modern battle fields of free fps shooter battle royale games 2020.

Easy to use controls and smooth graphics promises the best survival experience you will find on mobile to help you immortalize your name among the legends.

- HD war environment with engaging sound effects!
- Loot your enemy to scavenge for weapons!
- Gather supplies, guns and other war equipment for survival of your special force squad!
- Combat against unknown army squad in world war shooting game!
- Explore the vast battleground as nations best army commando survival shooter!
- Encounter thrilling situation that will test you as you become the last standing player in the most fun game ever made!

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