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Color Call Neon Screen Flash

Let these “call screen themes” put a smile on your face with each call!

  • Version: 1.1(2)
  • Updated on: May 24, 2019
  • Download size: 24.98MB
  • 100,000+ downloads
Color Call Neon Screen Flash

☎ Having one and the same call screen is kinda boring, isn't it? Luckily, there are “different call screen apps” which will breathe new life into your calls! The ✆ Color Call Neon Screen Flash ✆ is arguably the “best call screen theme” currently available. This fascinating “neon caller screen” will provide you with gorgeous “neon butterflies glowing live wallpaper” images, along with other cool backgrounds that move on your screen every time someone calls you. It will be easy to identify your caller even without reading your caller's ID. So, hit that Download button now, and make the ✆ Color Call Neon Screen Flash ✆ hour new favorite app! This “cool dynamic effect calling screen” will forever change the way you answer your phone. Get your “free call screen themes” with just a few clicks!


Here are the features available with this “phone caller screen color call flash theme”:

❃ A variety of different kinds of background images, including “neon heart live wallpaper” images and many others!
❃ “LED flashlight call screen light” is included so that you can easily notice your phone ringing!
❃ The flash can flicker very quickly and is quite bright, so you will definitely know when someone's calling you!
❃ Easy use of this call screen light app thanks to its user-friendly interface!
❃ It keeps the battery usage on a minimum thanks to its power saving capabilities!
❃ Flash can be activated in silent mode as well, so that you can see that someone is calling your phone!
❃ Turn the flashlight off in case it bothers you!
❃ Use some of the new and fun reject call with message templates like you've never seen before!
❃ Make use of the call button change by choosing one from our large selection!
❃ Create a different background for every caller so that everyone is unique!
❃ Leave a comment and a rating to let us know what you think of our call app!


☎ If you want to keep things on your smartphone fresh and interesting, this “theme live wallpaper call screen” is basically a necessity. The ✆ Color Call Neon Screen Flash ✆ will provide the best embellishment for your caller screen. We tend to focus on editing such applications as lock screens, wallpapers, clocks, but not enough emphasis is put on incoming calls. This way, every time someone dials your number, you will see a bright new calling theme and you will immediately know who's looking for you.

☎ Wouldn't it be awesome if every special person on your phone had a one-of-a-kind “neon theme wallpaper”? Whoever you want can have a completely distinct look when they call your number. A unique call button, ringing sound, wallpaper image... everything can be edited with a few simple clicks! It is the easiest way to identify your caller in so many different ways.

☎ Do you hear that ringing sound? That is this brand new “led light call screen” calling for your download! The ✆ Color Call Neon Screen Flash ✆ is without a doubt the greatest “call screen editor” on the web. You will be astonished by the various features this “shiny call flash” software can provide. No matter how old you are or what your gender is, this call screen background changer is for you! It's simple to handle and everyone will love it! Click the button for downloading and never be bothered by someone calling you again!

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