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Hello Yo Hello Yo
Version: 1.3.3(55)
Updated on: 11-Feb-2018
Download size: 16.58MB
Downloads: 5,00,000+ downloads
Description: When work exhausts you and you are eager to have a place to relax and rest, say hello yo, there are various interesting and charming voices to help you forget all the troubles;
When life troubles you and you are eager to have a place to speak your mind, say hello yo, there are a group of bosom friends to warm you physically and psychologically;

If you are a game maniacs, say hello yo, people here will be in your premade team;
If you are a music fan, say hello yo, people here will sing with you.
Say hello yo, we are nearby
Say hello yo, we come from everywhere
Say hello yo! Get rid of your loneliness
Say hello yo! Only love the voice of strangers

Functional Description
#  Create a group chat room for FREE, chat together and have fun together
#  Form a premade team in a game, the lovely girls will always be here with you
#  Karaoke, funny games, Truth or Dare game, blind date, making friends and sharing session, one single room can have so many ways of fun.
#  Search for him/her nearby and enter a room to make us closer.
# Magical and funny emoji, bring more fun to your chat.
# Room-minimized design, thus you can enjoy more functionalities at the same time and go wherever you want
#  Send gifts to each other and speak your mind to the hit-it-off friends
What's New!
1、Experience the voice call and video chat with your friends for free and there’s no time limit!
2、Newly-added Poker Games, Truth or Dare and other mysterious games are waiting for you!
Rating: 4.3/5 3553

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