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Download Freelapp - Freelancer Finder on Real Time Maps Android Application

Freelapp - Freelancer Finder on Real Time Maps Freelapp - Freelancer Finder on Real Time Maps
Version: 4.6.1(161)
Updated on: 22-Aug-2017
Download size: 2.76MB
Offered by: Freelapp
Downloads: 10,000+ downloads
Description: 1. You want to hire a freelancer's services located nearby?


2. You`re a freelancer looking for a job, and want to advertise your services to people around you?

Freelapp is an Android app for finding, placing calls and chatting with real freelancers near you on the map.

You can find real freelancers on the real-time maps, chat with them, call them, and hire them.

Freelapp offers a chat system for communication between you and your customers, if you are a freelancer, or you and freelancers, if you are a customer.

We also allow calls to be placed in app - you just hit the 'call' button.

P.S. We do not intermediate payments between customers and freelancers. There's no feature to hire or get hired in-app. It all happens via chat, negotiation is free!

With Freelapp you can:

As a customer

As a customer, you can find professional freelancers nearby, on the real-time maps, so you can chat with them or directly call them, and finally hopefully hire them. Placing a call in the app is free, but the call itself is subject to your regular phone company fees.

Also, you can request for quotations or job offers for free for freelancers nearby to see. Freelancers can reach you if they are interested in the request for quotation or job offer.

As a freelancer

As a professional freelancer, you can just be available on the map and with a good description of your services, you will be found by potential customers nearby.

As a freelancer, you also can talk to clients who reach you. You can talk to them via chat messages, or if you prefer, you can place phone calls. Freelancers are encouraged to register their phone numbers in the app so clients can call.

You can advertise your freelancer services for a very small fee for greater visibility than appearing on the map. Get noticed before hundreds others!

You can showcase your portfolio: upload up to 2 portfolio pictures to advertise your work. Premium users can upload up to 20 portfolio pictures!

Summary of Freelapp's main features

- Search and find for freelancers

- Real time map with current freelancers

- Talk via Chat in app.

- Place calls in app. (Calls are subject to regular local phone operator fees.)

- Comment and like or dislike on freelancers

- Advertise your services and products on the wall for a small fee

- Free requests for quotations and job offers


Freelapp encourages free chatting with participants and we respect your privacy. We don't intermediate negotiations!

We worry about you and your privacy. Your data won't be shared with anyone!
What's New!
* Inactive users (60 days) won't be shown.
* Bug fixes
Rating: 4.4/5 134